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In a recent workshop session, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) confirmed the previously mentioned deadlines for mandating e-invoicing for all businesses between 2024 and 2027. By August 2024, businesses with annual revenues exceeding RM100 million will be required to adopt this system under the Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) model, which includes validation by the tax authority.

The mandate will extend in stages to smaller businesses, reaching all by January 2027. During this period, businesses must submit e-invoices for verification, with approved invoices receiving a Certification Serial Number from LHDNM.


What is e-Invoicing?

E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, replaces traditional paper invoices with digital versions, significantly streamlining the invoicing process for both businesses and the government.

Defined by the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) as a document tied to the sale of goods or services, an e-invoice undergoes electronic transmission and must be validated by the Director-General of Inland Revenue (DGIR).


Optimise e-Invoicing With Dreamztech

We strive to effectively manage and store all issued and received invoices, ensuring they are kept in accordance with legal retention periods.

Unified Invoicing Processes
Unified Invoicing Processes

Streamline the process of e-invoice exchange, B2G, B2B and B2C transactions

Enhanced Tax Compliance
Enhanced Tax Compliance

Smooth integration supports efficient and accurate tax return reporting.

Digitalized Financial Reporting
Digitalized Financial Reporting

Aligns financial reporting with industry-standard digitalization.


e-Invoicing Implementation Timeline in Malaysia

Phase  Targeted Businesses Annual Turnover   Implementation Date
 1  > RM 100 million  1 August 2024
 2  > RM 25 million and up to RM 100 million  1 January 2025
 3  All taxpayers  1 July 2025

Annual turnover or revenue will be determined based on

No. Scenario Annual Turnover/ Revenue Based On
 1 Businesses with audited financial statements Based on annual turnover or revenue in the audited financial statements for financial year 2022.
 2 Businesses without financial statements Based on annual revenue reported in the tax return for year of assessment 2022.
 3 Businesses with change of financial year 2022 Taxpayer’s turnover or revenue will be pro-rated to a 12-month period for purposes of determining the e-Invoice implementation date.

e-Invoice Process Flow

1When a supplier issues an invoice, credit note, or debit note, it must first be submitted to LHDN for validation via their portal.

Overview of Supplier Issues e-Invoice to Buyer


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What is e-invoice?

e-invoice signifies the digital process of documenting each transaction electronically. With the comprehensive adoption of electronic invoicing, physical receipts will become unnecessary, and all transaction records will be securely stored in the LHDN database.



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